Old Glory Gallery and Frame Shoppe
features the art of:
Andy Thomas.
Depictions of the war in the Trans-Mississippi are rare, but no prints are more realistic than those of Andy Thomas.

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Charge of Shelby's Iron Brigade
Charge at Mine Creek
Sinking of the CSS Alabama
Sinking of the CSS Alabama t.jpg (7979 bytes)
The Guns of Vicksburg
Guns of Vicksburg t.jpg (5927 bytes)
Wild Bill Hickok
Wild Bill Hickok t.jpg (7705 bytes)
Pea Ridge
on the battery t.jpg (6918 bytes)
Prairie Grove
Bayonet or Retreat t.jpg (5554 bytes)
Wilson's Creek
dont yield an inch t.jpg (6168 bytes)
Battle of Carthage
crossing buck branch t.jpg (7130 bytes)
Battle of Carthage
petticoat flag t.jpg (8204 bytes)
Battle of Westport, Missouri
shelby and his men at westport t.jpg (7477 bytes)


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