Limited Edition - 3 Signatures  $320 Collector's Edition  - 6 Signatures $450

Artist Proof 9 Signatures  $665

Call 800-731-0060
Size 34-3/4 x 26-1/2

On 26 November, 1943, the P-47s of the 56th Fighter Group were tasked to escort B-24 Liberators of the 392nd Bomb Group on a dangerous mission to attack the heavily defended industrial and dockyard facilities in the German port of Bremen. Zemke knew the Luftwaffe would be waiting for them as they approached the target, and they were – in force! It was to become a day of high drama. With the Luftwaffe throwing all the fighters they could muster at the American heavy bombers,a massive aerial battle ensued. In the running dogfights high over Bremen, the “Wolfpack” claimed their most successful action of the war with 23 confirmed kills, 3 probables, and 9 damaged, creating an all-time record in the European Theatre. The 392nd’s B-24 Liberators could not have been in safer hands on that eventful day.


Colonel WALKER 'BUD' MAHURIN, Brigadier General LESLIE C. SMITH, Brigadier General LYLE ADRIANSE.

All the above plus companion print, 'A Pack of Wolves'

Lieutenant JOHN BRADSHAW (Companion Print), Colonel BILLY GENE EDENS *(Companion Print), Captain WALTER GROCE (Main Print), Chief Warrant Officer RUSSELL KYLER(Companion Print), Colonel ROBERT 'SHORTY' RANKIN * (Companion Print), Lieutenant Colonel EDGAR WHITLEY (MainPrint).

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