Wagons West on Eagle's Wings
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Size 24 x 30
$750 Canvas
Size 30 x 40

Wagons West has numerous line art drawings in the border area depicting the times when people went west to conquer the frontier. The vast western sky is reminiscent of the central golden clouds over the plains. The text in the sky area is an except from a dairy written in 1844 by Catherine Sager Pringle, which gives a glimpse into the lives of those brave pioneering visionaries of the times.  Major trails of westward migration shown; The first transcontinental railroad; The Pony Express route.  
Perimeter border has the Cowboy Alphabet.
12 period Colt hand guns; 2 rifles (1 Colt and 1 Winchester), 22 lawman badges of the Old West.  A collectors item for history of the West.

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