Wacipi Wakan
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The American West
Wacipi Wakan is an image that has gone through several incarnations. The original idea for the painting came to the artist during his first trip to South Dakota. He had the opportunity to attend a Lakota Pow-Wow, and was able to witness there much of the traditional Lakota Costumes and dancing. He was mesmerized by the rhythms, motions and colors of the dances and knew the dancers would make a great subject for a painting. Before starting the painting, he first did a large finished pencil drawing of the image to show the detailed flowing lines of the dancer. After the drawing was complete, Smith then created an even larger painting of the image to capture the colors and emotion of the dancer. In doing so, however, he made a technical mistake on the canvas and almost immediately the paint began to crack, ruining the painting. After about a year had passed, I decided to try painting the image again. I made a few changes to areas that I wasn't satisfied with on the first painting, and as a result, came out with a better image. The title, Wacipi Wakan, is Lakota for "Sacred Dance".

Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith.

Image size 13 x 17
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