USS Harder
$200 Limited Edition Call 800-731-0060

The USS Harder is one of the most famous American submarines to serve in WW-II. It's commander, Sam Dealy, was one of the only  seven sub skippers to win the Medal of Honor during that conflict. This limited edition is a tribute to Commander Dealy, and commemorates the "Up Periscope" symposium held at the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredricksburg, TX in 1989. This is the only edition ever to be signed by all four Medal of Honor winning submarine skippers that survived WW-II. It has also been signed by Chester Nimitz, Jr., a Navy Cross winner as a sub skipper and the last man to see Commander Dealy alive during a rendezvous at sea prior to the sinking of the USS Harder. Edition of 1000 prints with 50 artist proofs.

Image Size 34 x 17-1/2
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