Tuskegee Trigger Time
Call 800-731-0060
Image Size 34 x 23
Military Aviation Art
Tuskegee P-51 Mustangs of the 301st. Fighter Squadron defend an R.A.F. photo recon Mosquito above Germany during early 1945. Featured aircraft is one of the most famous Mustangs of the Tuskegee....'Creamer's Dream,' flown by Captain Charles L. White.

A CD DISC with images and text of the paintings as it develops on the easel, with shots of the artist in his studio and Tuskegee pilots signing the prints at a hotel in Orlando Florida. Comments on how the project came into being. Take a look behind the scenes! This disc fits into a 5" mailing tube, along with the print.

We have NINETEEN different Tuskegee Airmen who signed these prints!

 20 Premier Edition with ELEVEN signatures (including Captain L. White of 'Creamer's Dream'): Call for Price   (with free disc) Signed by: Charles L. White, James Sheppard, Alexander Jefferson, George Taylor, Richard Macon, Hiram Mann, Leo Gray, Robert Martin, Howard L. Baugh, James Harvey and Bill Holloman.

 150 Limited Edition with SEVEN signatures: $245 (with free disc)  #1 to #75 signed by: John Briggs, James A. Sheppard, Alexander Jefferson, Lewis L. Lynch, James Warren, Howard L. Baugh and Hiram Mann.

#76 to #150 signed by: James Sheppard, Robert L. Martin, James Harvey, Leo Gray, Richard Macon, George A. Taylor and Howard L. Baugh

 20 Artist's Proofs with FIFTEEN signatures: Call for Price (with free disc)  Signed by: J. Briggs, Alexander Jefferson, James Sheppard, George Taylor, Yenworth Whitney, Theodore Lumpkin, Charles Hill, Hiram Mann, L. Lynch, Robert Martin, George Hardy, James Warren, James Harvey, Charles Lane and Leo Gray.

 20 Remarques with FIFTEEN signatures: Call for Price (with free disc)  Signed by: Yenworth Whitney, J. Briggs, Charles Hill Jr., Hiram Mann,L. Lynch, James Sheppard, Alexander Jefferson, J. Warren, Theodore Lumpkin, George Taylor, James Harvey, Leo Gray, Robert Martin, George Hardy and Charles Lane.  

100 Red Tail Edition with SEVEN signatures (different men than on the Limited Editions): $245 (with free disc)Signed by: Charles Hill, Theodore Lumpkin, Rober Martin, George Taylor, James Harvey, Yenworth Whitney and Leo R. Gray. 

50 Studio Edition (signed by artist only): $160


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