Tiger Tracks
Somewhere on the southern sector, Russian Front, in the summer of 1943. German Tiger 1 tanks are on the attack, along with infantry and Luftwaffe support. Focke Wulf 190’s help cover Ju 87 Stukas, which are moving ahead to engage Russian armor.

Featured is tank 123 of the 503rd Regiment, driven by Obergefreiter Alfred Kurzmaul. Feldwebel Horst Petzchler’s Focke Wulf ‘Black 6’ overflies the scene, covering the Stukas.

Military Aviation Art
Call 800-731-0060
Image Size 23 x 33
Signed by Artist only.

Two Signatures and 3 Companion Prints.


Obergefreiter Alfred Kurzmaul was born in Schwarzenbach, Germany. In 1940 he joined the 7th Panzer Division as a driver on Mk IV's. He was later on the Tiger 1's and at the end of the war on the King Tiger tanks. While on Tiger 1's he was with the 503rd Regiment, tank number 123. Most of his time served was on the Eastern front. As the war was nearing its end, Alfred was wounded and hospitalized in Weinernaustadt, Austria, for three weeks. Then the Russians broke through and he hitchhiked home to Germany. Decorations include Assault Badge, Winter Campaign Medal and Wound Badge.

Unteroffizier Albert Andrassy was born in Romania. He was conscripted into the Romanian Army, but escaped to Germany in 1942. Among his service experiences, he trained tank crews on the Tiger 1 in Schönbrun, Austria.

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