Old Glory Gallery and Frame Shoppe
features the art of:
Fred Threlfall.
Born in Homestead, PA Fred became exposed to important local historical events at an early age. Sitting on a rock ledge overlooking the Monongshela, he listened intently as his favorite uncle described in vivid detail the famous battle that took place there many years before. Braddock's Defeat. Fred majored in history at Slippery Rock college and served for a number of years as a seasonal park ranger at Fort Necessity giving battle tours.His artwork reflects a deep passion for the history and love of the frontier people.We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the work of truly a great historian/artist.
Fred's presentations illustrate the enormous impact of the fur trade - how two very different cultures became so dependent on each other. Europeans introduced the Natives of North America to new technologies like steel, cloth and artillery. Goods that eased their struggles in some ways and increased them in others. Fred's illustrations and maps are not only historically accurate, but beautiful also.

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