Stirling Service
$155 Limited Edition
Artist Proof
Call 800-731-0060
Size 28 x 20
The Short Sterling won the distinction as the RAF’s first purpose built four-engine monoplane bomber. A strong, highly complex design it gained a reputation as a pilot’s aircraft to fly being agile for a big bomber and demonstrating great character. Well over 2000 Stirling’s provided stout service for the RAF in a variety of extremely important roles throughout WW2 – Bomber, Pathfinder, Minelayer, Glider-towing, Transporter, SOE operations and more.
Unfortunately, the design concept of the Stirling was woefully deficient.  The wingspan of the bomber was shortened so it could fit into the RAF aircraft hangers of prewar England.
Of course, this did greatly limit the ceiling of the aircraft, and reduced it to second class status among heavy bombers of the day.
But, they did save money on those hangers.
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