Star of Africa
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Size 24-1/2 x 35
Military Aviation Art

Hauptmann Hans Joachim Marseille, better known as the Star of Africa, was probably the most formidable opponent the British ever encountered in the air. He was victorious in 158 aerial combats against the Royal Air Force, 154 of which were fighter aircraft. Marseille died undefeated whilst bailing out of his Me 109 which had developed an engine problem on the return leg of an uneventful sortie.
Marseille is seen here at the moment of his 150th aerial victory on September 15th, 1942. On this day, he fought and defeated no less than seven Curtiss Kiftyhawk fighters in an incredible eleven minutes. 

Signed by Marseille's commanding officer, Colonel Eduard Edu Neumann, plus General Friedrich Körner, Lieutenant Colonel Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert, and Lieutenant Helmut Beckmann.
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