Shock at Shadow Valley
100 Limited Editions with Five signatures:  $220
Call 800-731-0060
Image Size 34 x 20
Military Aviation Art
March 1945. Mosquitos of 418 Squadron RCAF stir up an otherwise quiet afternoon by striking a munitions train and depot in S.E. Germany. A tremendous roar of Merlin engines echoes in the enclosed valley as the attackers withdraw, leaving chaos behind them.
Signed by five RAF Mosquito aircrew:  Flt/Lt. Gilbert L. Scott DFC, RAF, 101 and 582 Squadrons;
Flt/Lt George S. Hogg, 105 (Pathfinder) Squadron; Flt/Lt Ian H. Fowler RAF, 141 Squadron;
F/O Robert H. O'Conner RAF, 627 Squadron; Flt/Lt John M. Ballachey DFC, RAF, 107 (Intruder) Squadron.
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