Shark Sighting
Signed by Artist Only.
Signed by at least 11 of the following:
Tex Hill, Ken Jernstedt, Robert Keeton, Carl Brown, Charles Bond, John Rossi, Peter Wright, Charles Baisden, Paul Clouthier, Edwin Janski, Joseph Poshefko, Roland Richardson, Frank Losonsky, Morgan Vaux, Edward Stiles.
Call for Price
Publisher's Proof
Includes the book:  "Tex Hill - Flying Tiger"
Call 800-731-0060
Military Aviation Art

The Flying Tigers became heroes during some of the world's darkest days.  Giving teeth to the Tigers was Job One for AVG armorers.  This print recreates a scene in which an AVG P-40 is bore-sighted on the firing range during the first months of World War II.  Elements representing all three AVG squadrons are featured as well as likenesses of real men who were there.  Hand signed by members of one of history's most famous Fighter Units.

.Image size 32 x 16

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