Reunion Over Hanoi
$205 Limited Edition Call 800-731-0060
Image size 23-1/2 x 32
Col. Ken Cordier and Col. Bob Buckey were classmates in high school and college. After college they both became fighter pilots. On 2nd December 1966, then Captain Cordier and his back-seat pilot 1st Lt. Mike Lane, were flying with the 559th TFS out of Cam Ranh Bay when they were shot down and captured. They were to languish in North Vietnamese prisons for the next six years. Knowing his friend was locked up, every time Bob flew "Downtown" he thought about Ken and wondered when they might meet again. This painting shows Maj. Bob Buckey and his back-seater Capt. Dan Tibbets as he pulls his F-4E Phantom II away from the infamous Hanoi Hilton.
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