Red Tail Escort
Limited Edition $160
Call 800-731-0060
Size 30-1/4 x 23-1/2
The Tuskegee “Red Tail” pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group are a more than welcome sight as they close in to escort home a damaged B17 Fortress of the 483rd Bomb Group. Seen high over the Italian Alps during the summer of 1944 this poignant scene conveys precisely the story of the legendary “Red Tails”, and with every print in Richard’s new edition signed by six surviving pilots from this remarkable group of airmen, collectors will surely want to add this spectacular print to their aviation art portfolios.

Each print in Richard Taylor’s new limited edition ‘Red Tail Escort’ has been fully authorised by the signatures of SIX of the famous Tuskegee pilots. The edition is also signed by the artist, and individually hand numbered.
Colonel CHARLES McGEE, Lieutenant Colonel LEO R. GRAY, Lieutenant Colonel GEORGE E. HARDY,
Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM H. HOLLOMAN III, Lieutenant Colonel ALEXANDER JEFFERSON, 
Second Lieutenant LOWELL STEWARD.

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