Pirate's Bounty
$100 Artist Proof Paper  Size 21 x 15
Call 800-731-0060
Military Aviation Art
"When you're out of F-8s, you're out of fighters," goes the old Navy saying, and one of the mainstay fighter aircraft to shoot down Soviet MiGs during the Vietnam War was the Vought F-8 Crusader.  On July 9, 1968, VFP-63 pilot Cdr. John Nichols, with his callsign "Pirate," engaged a North Vietnamese MiG 17 over the town of Vinh and shot it down using a combination of Sidewinder air-to-air missiles and finally the F-8's 20mm cannon, thus becoming the last Navy pilot to ever shoot down an enemy airplane with guns.  After this historic engagement, the MiG could only be called "Pirate's Bounty."
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