Over the Beaches
$245 Limited Edition
Artist Proof
Call 800-731-0060
Size 28 x 20

Phillip’s brand new painting depicting Spitfires (222 squadron) and Typhoons over the beaches during D-Day.
One of the Spitfire signatories (F/O Tony (Titch) Hallett DFC a member of 198 Rocket Firing Typhoon Squadron operated from bases in Southern England (Manston to Hurn). Operating from Thorney Island on D-Day and then from several landing strips on The Beachhead, France and Belgium between January and November 1944.began his RAF career flying Gladiators from an aircraft carrier off Norway. He then went on to fly Hurricanes from HMS Ark Royal off Malta. He also took part in the Battle of Britain and “Operation Overlord”.)   
A very rare and distinguished signatory.

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