Opening Sky
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With the morning sun glinting on their fuselages, P-51 Mustangs of the 78th Fighter Group cross the Dutch coastline far below, heading back towards their base at Duxford, England at the end of a long sweep east of the Rhine crossing in Spring 1945. The final months of the war in Europe lie ahead, and for the P-51 pilots the victory is within sight.

Colonel CLARENCE ‘BUD’ ANDERSON - 357th FG / 16.25 victories
Lieutenant Colonel CLYDE EAST - 10th Photo Recon Group / 14.5 victories
Colonel ART FIEDLER - 325th FG / 8 victories.

Major BILL ALLEN - 55th FG / 5 victories
Captain JIM BROOKS - 31st FG/ 13 victories
Captain CLINTON BURDICK - 356th FG/ 5.5 victories
Captain WAYNE COLEMAN - 78th FG/ 5 victories
First Lieutenant RAYMOND ‘TED’ CONLIN - 357th FG
Lieutenant Colonel DON CUMMINGS - 27th, 55th FG/ 6.5 victories
Major URBAN DREW - 361st FG/ 6 victories
Lieutenant Colonel BOB GOEBEL - 31st FG/ 11 victories
Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT A. KARR - 52nd FG/ 6 victories
Colonel WALKER ‘BUD’ MAHURIN - 56th, 3rd, 51st FG /24.25 victories
Colonel STEVE PISANOS - 4th FG/ 10 victories
First Lieutenant JOHN SKARA - 357th FG
Second Lieutenant LOWELL STEWARD - 332nd FG (Tuskegee)
First Lieutenant CLINT WHITE - 31st FG.

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