Number 7, The Hard Way
A Tribute to WW2 Legend Marine F4F Ace Jim Swett

 On April 7, 1943, 1st Lt. James Swett, flying a Grumman F-4F Wildcat engaged a flight of enemy Japanese “Val” dive bombers over the Solomon Islands. After successfully dispatching two Vals, he closed in on a third dive bomber and firing at it, Swett suddenly felt his F4F shudder.  His right wing was hit and he lost the inboard gun. He continued the attack, and shot down his third Val. Swett continued his attacks, shooting down his fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh enemy dive bombers.  Going after his eighth Val, his windscreen was shattered by the Val’s rear gunner’s fire.  Continuing the attack, Swett’s ammunition ran out, as he watched the Val begin to smoke and dive away into the clouds. Was this his eighth? There was no confirmation as he headed back to Guadalcanal’s airstrip. He was more than an Ace on his first combat mission.

$70 Open Edition, Signed Size 16 x 20
 Limited Edition Size 14 x 20
$375 Limited Edition Size 20 x 28
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