Now and Then II
$45 Poster
Size 24 x 30
$750 Canvas
Size 30 x 40

There seems to be a great interest in the Barnett Shale lately. Its no wonder, since everywhere you look there is another drilling
rig exploring the depths of the black rock that holds the key to a booming economy - at least in the North Central Texas area. The
upcoming print titled "Now & Then" records some of the fascination of the oil and gas industry in the state of Texas. This unique
print offers the viewer a glimpse into history as well as an education in the basics of oil and gas production. The central illustration
is a pictorial time machine. The comparison of today's drilling rig with that of a rig of the late 19th century graphically portrays the
progress of the times. In addition to the information pertaining to the Barnett Shale you will find memorabilia of similar interest -
antique gas pump globes and antique pumps; when gas was 17 cents a gallon - displayed against a row of various barbed
wire types of a by-gone era.  The central art work by Gary Crouch as well as the overall design is another work that adds to the field of highly collectible prints recording our heritage as pictorial essays.  The first poster "Now and Then" was sold out.  "Now and Then II" replaces the first poster and is a larger size.

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