Musick's Trippe to Paradise
$39 Signature Edition $89 Artist Proof
Call 800-731-0060
Size 30 x 20
Military Aviation Art
On November 22, 1935, Captain Edwin C. Musick flew the Pan American Airways System “China Clipper” (Martin M-130 flying boat) on its maiden flight from San Francisco, California, to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Mr. Juan Trippe, who founded Pan American Airways in 1927 and flew the China Clipper with Charles Lindbergh on her acceptance flight, was instrumental in developing Trans-Pacific commercial flight. Although only three Martin M-130 flying boats were built, these seaplanes became some of America’s most famous aircraft. Known for their luxury, two of these renowned flying boats accumulated 12,718,200 passenger miles by 1940. The China Clipper, which flew for ten years and was one of the gems of the Pan American fleet, is seen here flying past Diamond Head, Hawaii, on the last leg of its flight to Paradise.
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