The Morning Job
$125 Paper 24 x 10-1/2
Canvas 29 x 12.625
Call 800-731-0060

Military Aviation Art
The Morning Job depicts a Royal Aircraft Factory FE.2b on an early morning mission over the front.  Used primarily as an observer/bomber, this “pusher” design was an early solution to the problem of firing through the propeller. This particular FE2, #4852 "C6", was assigned to 23 Sq. RFC. It was crewed by Lt. Thierry and Lt. Buck when it was brought down inside German territory by Hptm. Zander on Sept. 17, 1916.  The title, an RFC reference to early morning operations over the front, is a term borrowed from V.M. Yeats' classic WW1 novel Winged Victory.

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