Morning Chorus
$255 Limited Edition
$325 Harmann Tribute Editon
(includes this additional print)
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Military Aviation Art

The roar of Daimler-Benz engines at full power awakens the day as Gunther Lutzow, his aircraft still in the markings of his previous unit JG51, leads his Me109F’s of JG3 into combat from a snow covered airfield at Schatalowka on the Russian Front, in December 1941. With prints signed by no less than four veteran Me109 pilots who fought on the cruel Eastern Front, this is sure to be a valuable addition to any aviation art collection.
Signed by Feldwebel Johannes Bachmann,  Fähnrich Manfred Leisebein, Fähnrich Klaus Vollgold, Unteroffizier Otfried Sahl.

Image size 39 x 23-1/2

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