Iwo Jima
A Hard Won Haven
Signed by Artist Only.
Signed by:  Vern Brinzenhofe-4th Marine Div., Claire Chaffin-Corpsman USN, Jack Colby-4th Marine Div.,Roy Earle-Saipan,Tinian,Iwo, Norm Hatch-USMC Oscar winning combat cinematographer, Harry Hink-USAAF B-29 pilot, Herb Ing-4th Marine Div.,Raymond Jacobs, 1st Flag raising on Iwo, Henry Koellein-Flame thrower operator, Cy O'Brien-USMC Combat photographer, Grover Thompson-4th Marine Div., Gordon Ward-5th Marine Div., Robert Weiler-USAAF B-29 Gunner.
Call 800-731-0060
Military Aviation Art

When the bombing campaign against Japan was started, it was soon apparent that we would suffer significant losses due to weather, battle damage, mechanical failure, and bad navigation.  A lot of aircraft could not make it back to base due to lack of fuel.
Iwo Jima was taken to provide for an emergency landing strip.  Many crews owed their lives to the Marines who took this island.

.Image size 32-1/2 x 16-1/4

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