Gold Cup Roll
$1495 Artist Proof Paper  Size 24 x 20
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Military Aviation Art
Boeing 707 "Dash 80"

Dare To Move is proud to announce the release of a very special one-of-a-kind commemorative lithograph, revisiting an historic edition first produced in June 1990. "Gold Cup Roll" by Mike Machat depicts the famous aerobatic maneuver flown by Boeing Chief Test Pilot "Tex" Johnston at the famed Seattle Sea Fair in August 1955. Sold out since 1991, this landmark aviation art print is being made available once again to connoisseur collectors by the release of ten remaining printers proofs held in climate-controlled storage since the print was first created.

Originally signed in Seattle by A. M. "Tex" Johnston and the artist, these ten special sheets are now numbered as the Golden Anniversary Special Edition commemorating fifty years since the Boeing 707's introduction into airline service on October 26, 1958.

See the test pilot explain things:

A little clearer this time:

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