Flak Time
Print signed by Robin Olds, Richard Cole, Ted Crosby, Paul Stevens, and William C Lindley, Jr, 95th BG
May 27, 1944, the 95th Bomb Group over Karlsruhe, Germany.  The mission consisted of three groups, the 95th was the low group, the 100th was the middle, and the 390th was the high group.  This print depicts "Paisano", flown by Col. Jack Beckelman of the 95th, as it eludes the fighter cover and enter the Flak zone.  Paisano carried the flight's lead bombardier, who dropped on the railyards at Karlsruhe.  the mission was a complete success, and Col. Beckelman received the DFC for the misson.
$200                                        Call 800-731-0060
Size 24  x 30
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