First of the Spacemen
$40 Open Paper  Size 13 x 9-3/4
Open Paper  Size 25 x 18-3/4
$270 Open Canvas  Size 20 x 15
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Military Aviation Art
On September 7, 1956, USAF Captain Iven C. Kincheloe flew the exotic Bell X-2 research craft to a new world altitude record of 126,000 feet - the first time a manned airplane had ever flown outside the earth's atmosphere. Considered as pioneering in 1956 as the moon landing was in 1969, this flight earned Capt. Kincheloe the well-deserved nickname of "First of the Spacemen." Machat's original painting contains actual granules of white paint obtained from the Bell X-2, which was also the first airplane to fly at Mach 3, or 2,100 mph.
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