Fallen Comrades of the 357th Fighter Group

Fallen Comrades is a tribute to all members of the 357th Fighter Group lost during WWII.

Stan's painting depicts P-51 aircraft commanded by four distinguished 357th FG pilots who exemplify the "greatest generation." Two of these heroes were lost during the war. Capt. James W. Browning, the pilot of Gentleman Jim, was listed as missing in action during a combat mission in 1944. In a dogfight over Fulda, Captain Browning collided with an Me-262 jet fighter piloted by a German Baron. There were no recoverable remains.

Captain Edward K. Simpson, pilot of the Flying Panther, flew an aircraft that was purchased with war bond drive donations collected by the high school students of East Orange, New Jersey. Eddie was involved in a mid-air collision with a squadron-mate and presumed lost in 1944. Eddie actually survived the collision and was found by a group of French freedom fighters. A large group of freedom fighters and civilians came under attack by Germans. Eddie and several others held off the Germans, giving up their lives, but allowing the others to escape. The town of Ouzouer-sur-Loire has erected a monument at the scene honoring Eddie and the five others that heroically perished on August 10, 1944.

The lower border of each print contains the names of all 357th Fighter Group members who made the ultimate sacrifice. The co-signers were squadron mates and flew many missions with both Jim Browning and Eddie Simpson. All artist's proofs have a special pen and ink remarque by Stan Stokes.

Signatures:  Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson (Pilot of Old Crow), Capt. William B. Overstreet (Pilot ofThe Berlin Express).

$125 on paper  size 14 x 21 Call 800-731-0060
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