Enemy Coast Ahead - Dambusters
 $200 - Paper
Artist Proof
Call 800-731-0060
Size 18 x 27-3/4

Lancasters of 617 Squadron, led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson begin their low level cross channel dash towards the enemy coast on the way to the heart of the Ruhr. The aircraft were arranged in three waves. The first wave comprised three groups of three aircraft at 10 minute intervals and headed towards the Mohne, Sorpe and Eder dams. The second wave of five Lancasters headed direct to the Sorpe whilst the third wave of five, would act as backup. Eight Lancasters failed to return from the raids, a high cost indeed, but the courage and determination displayed by the crews were in  the best tradition of the RAF.

The Primary Edition is signed and numbered by the artist.

*The Artist Proofs and Remarques are also signed by former Dambusters: Flying Officer Raymond E. Grayston (Flight Engineer of AJ-N, Les Knights Lancaster.) and Squadron Leader George L. Johnson DFM (Bomb Aimer on AJ-T, American Joe McCarthy’s Lancaster.

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