Dragon Slayers
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Image Size 25 x 14
Military Aviation Art

Navy F-4 Phantoms and A-4 Skyhawks attack the Thanh Hoa Bridge (Dragon's Jaw) in North Vietnam. One hundred and four pilots were shot down within a seventy five square mile vicinity of this infamous target. The communists used the bridge to push Russian and Chinese suppies southward to the front by rail, truck and foot. It stood for almost ten years against every conceivable ordinance that the Americans could muster via air power, surviving wave after wave of determined airmen. For the North Vietnamese, it assumed a prominence that approached mythical status and became a symbol for the North of their detmination, fortitude and cause. It was finally destroyed by smart bombs dropped by A-4.

Skyhawks, covered by F-4 Phantoms.

Signing these prints are aircrew who attacked the bridge some time during their tours of Vietnam. Two of the signees were shot down over the bridge, and survived almost six years of torture and imprisonment at the hands of the communists. Depicted is Phantom #201 flown by Fred Ferrazzano and later on the ill-fated flight by Ev Southwick and Jack Rollins.
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