The Military Art of
James Dietz.
His art hangs in the Smithsonian Institute, and he is a regular contributor to the Air Force Art Program.

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And Now, For Something Completely Different.
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Infantry Action of WWII

82nd Airborne, Normandy.
Rangers, Anzio Beach.
101st Airborne, Bastogne.
29th Infantry Division, Omaha Beach.
110th Inf. Reg. and 103 Engineers.
41st Infantry Division.
Papua-New Guinea.
37th Infantry Div, Manila.
352th PIR, Normandy.
504th PIR, Solerno.
1st Div, Huertgen Forest.
743rd Tank Battalion,
Omaha Beach.
503rd PIR,
Corregidor, 1945.
1st Armored Div,
Albans, Italy, 1944.
4th Div on Utah Beach.
Band of Brothers:
505th PIR at the Bulge.
Band of Brothers:
Capt. Winters and 506th PIR
at Normandy.
Band of Brothers:
Capt. Winters and 506th PIR
at Noville.
502th PIR, Carentan Peninsula,
June, 1944 .


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