Desert Vulture
100 Limited Editions with Four signatures: $220
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Image Size 32 x 19
Military Aviation Art
The Stuka was a perfectly wonderful dive bomber as long as there were clear skies and your side had complete air superiority.  After all, you couldn't really maneuver, and you were only going about 100 MPH.  An enemy Hurricane can completely spoil your day.

Sunrise on May 31, 1942 near El Adem in Libya, North Africa. Wing Commander H.A. 'Jimmy' Fenton, leading 274 Squadron, RAF, attacks a Ju 87B Stuka of 1./StG3 in his Hawker Hurricane. Top cover Spitfires descend into the intense battle as Allied tanks appear from the northwest to attack the German base.

Signed by F/O Doug Gaudin, RCAF. Combat experience in North Africa on the Hawker Hurricane, F/Sergeant Doug Matheson, RCAF, Spitfire pilot, F/O Don Murchie, RCAF, Spitfire pilot, Flight Sergeant Harold Heacock, RAF and RCAF,Spitfire pilot.

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