Delaware Dawn
Battle of Bushy Run, Pennsylvania.

The Lenape (Delaware) Indians were among the first to greet English settlers to the shores of North America.  As more and more Europeans came across the Atlantic the Lenape moved further and further west. The treaty that ended the French and Indian War did not include the Indians and one of their leaders, Pontiac, led a revolt against British rule.  He was initially successful and the Lenape, who originally had held aloof from the Indian alliance, joined him.  Lenape Indians made up part of the force that besieged Fort Pitt and attacked Col Henry Bouquet when his column went to the relief of the fort.  Their defeat at the Battle of Bushy Run, as this attack became known, was the turning point in Pontiac's War.  The battlefield where the Lenape attacked Bouquet and his forces is near present day Jeanette, Pennsylvania.

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