Cold Warrior
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Military Aviation Art
The now-deactivated Strategic Air Command (SAC) began the mission on February 3, 1961. It took the nickname Looking Glass because the mission mirrored ground-based command, control, and communications. From that date, a Looking Glass aircraft was in the air at all times 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for more than 29 years. On July 24, 1990, Looking Glass ceased continuous airborne alert, but it remained on ground or airborne alert 24 hours a day. Crews accumulated more than 281,000 accident-free flying hours. This mission was a key element of the U.S. nuclear deterrence and was a significant contributor to U.S. victory in the Cold War.

The EC-135 is a versatile airframe with excellent airspeed, range, endurance and air refueling flexibility. The fact all the EC-135 aircraft are both tanker receiver and air refueling capable allows the 2nd ACCS to virtually self-sufficient. In addition, air refueling allows the aircraft's mission to be extended almost indefinitely, giving it range to conduct non-stop operations to any operating location worldwide.

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