Cloud Companions
$195 Limited Edition Paper
Artist Proof Paper
Call 800-731-0060
Size 14 x 25
Military Aviation Art

It is 24 December 1985 and four Concordes are brought together for a unique event. To celebrate 10 years of Concorde passenger services, British Airways organized a special formation flight. Taking off from Heathrow in turn, the four Concordes proceeded to assemble in a number of different formations while doing a circuit around the south coast of England.

A truly historic occasion we are pleased to be able to honor with this superb picture. Artist Proofs and Remarques are signed by a pilot from each aircraft,
PLUS Chief Concorde Pilot Mike Bannister.

**Five signatures - The flight leader is Captain Brian Walpole piloting G-BOAA. The other aircraft were piloted by Captain John Eames (G-BOAC), Captain John Cook (G-BOAF) and Captain David Leney (G-BOAG).

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