Civil War and Historical Art
Charge of the Irish Brigade

This painting depicts the brave charge of the 28th Massachusetts Regiment of the hard fighting Irish Brigade as they assault Marye's Heights just outside the town of Fredericksburg Virginia.  The 28th Massachusetts (newcomers to the brigade) was the only regiment in the brigade to carry the green silk embroidered Irish flag with harp and cloudburst made by Tiffany and Company of New York City.  The green flags of the New York regiments of the brigade had been sent home and were in the process of being replaced by new ones, which had not yet arrived.  The men of the Irish Brigade are shown in this gorgeous oil painting moving forward at right shoulder shift in the face of the most intense Confederate artillery and musket fire yet seen in war; caps adorned with green Virginia Boxwood shouting "Faugh-a-Ballagh!" ("Clear the Way" in the old tongue). This beautiful painting immortalizes the valor of that Famous charge.

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$85 Paper - Image Size 19 3/8 x 16

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