The Charge of Shelby's Iron Brigade
The Battle of Marshall - October 13, 1863.
It is remembered as the culminating event of the famous raid into Missouri led by Col. Joseph O. Shelby. It was here that Union General. Egbert B. Brown and 1800 soldiers turned back the black plumbed warrior and his 1,200 horsemen in a day-long battle. Descriptions of this battle depict a hard fought affair with ferocious charges and determined defensive stands. The picture that emerges is that Shelby had a close call on that day. Union forces had managed to nearly encircle Shelby’s troops, and then, with a dashing charge, to split the Confederate force in half. But the wily Confederate commander and his divided column, in spirited charges, broke through the Union line in two places and made their separate ways back to Confederate Arkansas, hotly pursued all the way.
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