Brothers in Arms
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Military Aviation Art
Captain Elliot Springs was perhaps one of the most colorful American aces of WW1. Flying an SE5 with 85 squadron and later Sopwith Camels with the 148th Aero squadron, Springs became the 5th highest ranking American Ace with 16 victories. On June 18, 1918 he set out on a routine patrol into enemy territory with his friend and squadron mate John Grider. Grider became lost in a cloud and was subsequently shot down by a patrolling German fighter. Springs carried the guilt of his friend’s loss for many years, and after returning to the US Springs wrote the bestseller "Warbirds: The Diary of an Unknown Aviator", a book based on the diaries of John Grider. “Brothers In Arms” is a depiction of Elliot Springs and John Grider on patrol during the fateful mission of June 18.

Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith.

Image size 13 x 17-1/2
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