Breathe Easier
$60 Call 800-731-0060
Size 21 x 25-1/2
Military Aviation Art
An inflight portrait of the fully loaded AV-8B Harrier demonstrating its weapons carrying capability.

This painting was commissioned by the Bendix Corporation who built the onboard oxygen generating system on the AV-8B Harrier. The painting was completed nearly a half year before the rollout of the first AV-8B. I was able to work with engineers from the McDonnell plant in St. Louis, MO to assure the accuracy of my drawing. The painting shows the increased capability of the advanced Harrier, using STOL techniques in the field to carry twice the load over the same radius of action, or the same load over twice the radius of action of its Marine Corps predecessor, the AV-8A. The painting was presented to the United States Marine Corps by Bendix.
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