Break Out!
$145 Limited Edition Paper - If bought individually.
if bought with Eismeer Patrol.
Call 800-731-0060
Size 26-1/2 x 19-3/4
Military Aviation Art

The pride of the German Kriegsmarine, the battleship Bismark, breaks out from Norwegian waters into the open sea on the evening of May 21st,1941, accompanied by an escort fleet and a complement of Me109s from 3./JG77 and Me110s from ZG76.  It's voyage would be short lived, however.  After a shattering victory over Britain's famous HMS Hood, the Royal Navy hunted and eventually sunk the mighty battleship on May 27th, 1941.


Each print has been personally signed by the artist as well as the following pilot who flew in Norway with ZG76:

He initially flew Me110's with JG5 in Norway in 1942 and then commanded 13(Z)/JG5 from the summer of 1942 providing air cover for German shipping including the Bismarck, before converting to fly Me109s. Later, in Norway, he flew Me110s with ZG76 and ended the war flying Fw190s with JG54 Greenhearts in the Defence of the Reich. 


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