The Big Red One
Commissioned by the US Army First Infantry Division.
As the oldest, continuously serving Division in the history of the United States Army, the First Infantry Division and Task Force Danger continued to build its long and storied lineage during operations in Iraq from 2003 to 2005. Participating in all aspects of the war in Iraq, the Division led the establishment of Army Forces Turkey, followed by the C-17 air insertion of Task Force 1-63 into Bashur Airfield, Iraq on April 7, 2003, the largest air insertion of armored heavy task force in and around Al Ramadi for 12 months beginning in September 2003. Units of Task Force Danger began deployment operations in January 2004, conducted training in Kuwait and an approach march north into North-Central Iraq, and completed a transfer of authority with the 4th Infantry Division on March 15, 2004. From intelligence driven combat operations, to stability and support operation, Task Force Danger soldiers made great strides to defeat the insurgency and return the country of Iraq to its citizens.

This print is a snapshot of Task Force Danger full-spectrum operations in Iraq. The concept for this print came from a photo taken on October 1, 2004 during combat operations in Samarra as a part of Operation Baton Rouge. The original photo, laser seen on the cover of Newsweek, showed soldiers from the 9th Engineer Battalion, attached to Task Force 1-77, conducting urban operations to secure the city of Samarra under the command and control of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team.

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