The Battle of Trafalgar
$245 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition
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 When Admiral Horatio Nelson routed the combined French and Spanish Fleet off Cape Trafalgar he won the single most decisive and far-reaching battle in naval history. Though not a single British ship was lost, Britainís most famous naval figure died in the battle. 

21 October 1805, under command of Admiral Horatio Nelson, 27 ships of the Royal Navy clashed with the combined Franco-Spanish force of 33 fighting ships off Cape Trafalgar on the Spanish coast. It was the most famous battle in naval history. As the French and Spanish ships turned back towards Cadiz in a five mile long irregular line, Nelson mounted a daring attack. Commanding from his flagship Victory, he divided his fleet into two divisions, each in a single column on a course at right angles to his adversary, and drove directly into the centre of the long opposing line, cutting it in two. In a five hour battle 18 of the Franco-Spanish ships were taken; the remaining fled, only 11 reaching Cadiz.

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