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Almost Home

This painting depicts the moment when Captain Tod Carter volunteers to lead his former regiment, the 20th Tennessee Infantry in a charge toward the Union Lines entrenched just South of Franklin Tennessee; Tod's home. Tod Carter had been promoted from the ranks of the 20th to Adjutant in the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Major General John Schofield's Federal infantry were entrenched just yards from Tod's home doorstep along the Columbia Turnpike. Tod Led the 20th Tennessee forward astride his Dapple Gray Horse Rosencrantz shouting "Follow me Boys, I'm Almost Home!"

Theirs was just a small part of a massive assault ordered by General John Bell Hood as a result of frustration after having let Schofield's Federal Army slip though a well-placed trap at Spring Hill Tennessee. Within five of what has come to be known as the most tragic and devastating hours of the American Civil War; Hood Hurled over 20,000 men; the flower of his Army into the muzzles of the Schofield's Musket and artillery fire. Six of the Confederate Army's rising star field commanders including General Patrick Cleburne, John Adams, States Rights Gist, Otho Strahl, Hiram Granbury, and John C. Carter were killed in the assault.

65 Field Grade officers in total were lost and some regiments suffered a 64% casualty rate. Tod Carter was mortally wounded with nine bullet wounds within 175 yards from his doorstep. This was where Tod's father, Fountain Branch Carter would find his son on the morning of December 1st 1864 and bring him home where he would eventually die. Having been away from home in over three and a half years Tod would die in his front parlor with his father and family gathered around him.

"In times of peace,
sons bury fathers -
In times of War,
fathers bury sons."

Shown in this Painting are Tod Carter Astride his Horse Rosencrantz. Colonel William M. Shy Commanding the 20th Tennessee Regiment and Brigadier General Thomas Benton Smith.

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