A Shot Across the Bow
June 4, 1942, 7:10 am, 150 miles northwest of Midway Atoll. Moments after releasing a torpedo at the Japanese carrier Akagi, the B-26 Marauder "Susie-Q" thunders down the carrier's flight deck, grazing the bridge.
Lt. James P. Muri, of the Army Air Force's 22nd Bomb Group, pilots his craft across the ship in an attempt to escape the gauntlet of fire unleashed by the enemy surface fleet and swarming Zero fighters. The dramatic torpedo attack by Army B-26 Marauders of the 22nd and 38th Bomb Groups and the Navy TBF Avengers of Torpedo Squadron 8, forced Japanese Admiral Nagumo to alter his battle plan, a decision that set the stage for the American Victory at the Battle of Midway.
Signed by Lt. James P Muri.
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Size 20 x 30
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