A Lesson From the Master
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Military Aviation Art
A Lesson From the Master is a depiction of the famous aerial encounter between Ernst Udet and Georges Guynemer. Both were out alone when they came across each other in the sky. A fight ensued which lasted for many minutes. After a long standoff, Udet finally drew a bead on Guynemer only to have his guns jam. Being defenseless at that point, Udet though himself a sitting duck. He beat on his guns with his fists in an attempt to unstop them, all the while anticipating the lethal shot from Guynemer. To his surprise, however, the unexpected happens - For a moment I have let go of the stick and hammer the receiver with both fists. A primitive expedient, but sometimes it works.
Guynemer has observed this from above, he must have seen it, and now he knows what gives with me. Im helpless prey. Again he skims over me, almost on his back. Then it happens: He sticks out his hand and waves to me, waves lightly, and dives to the west in the direction of his lines.
I fly home. Im numb.

Printed on acid free rag paper, this is the first print in the "Legendary Encounters " series. The edition consists of 200 prints. each of which is signed and numbered by Russell Smith.

Image size 22 x 17
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