A Flight of Bluebirds
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Military Aviation Art
The Fokker D-VII - possibly the best fighter of the war.

Jasta 15 had one of the most unusual histories of the Jasta squadrons. After assuming command of JGII in March, 1918, Hptm Rudolph Berthold tried to have his old unit, Jasta 18, attached to JGII. After failing to do so, he then arranged to have all of Jasta 18ís flying personnel swapped out with those of Jasta 15, a unit already attached to JGII. With them, the former pilots of Jasta 18 brought their unitís colors Ė blue fuselages and red noses.
Pictured from front to back are: Ltn d R Hugo Schafer, 11 victories; Ltn d R Josef Veltjens, 35 victories; Hptm Rudolph Berthold, 44 victories; Ltn Oliver von Beaulieu-Marconnay, 25 victories; Vzfw Gustav Klaudat, 6 victories

Printed on acid free rag paper, this is the first print in the "Units of Distinction" series. The edition consists of 250 prints. each of which is signed and numbered by Russell Smith.

Image size 28 x 13-3/4
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