A Bolt for the Blue
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Military Aviation Art

The awesome English Electric Lightning.

Gerald Coulsonís dramatic painting Bolt for the Blue, published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Lightning, captures the very essence of this formidable fighter.

Seen climbing out of RAF Wattisham, a Lightning F.3 of Treble One Squadron scrambles to intercept an unidentified intruder plotted on the RAFís early warning radar. Almost certainly it will be Russian, probably he will be escorted out of harms way, but the interceptor is armed with a pair of air-to-air missiles just in case.  The Lightning was a Mach 2 fighter and has a unique engine configuration.  It is a twin engine bird, but the engines are positioned one atop the other, instead of side by side.


Air Vice Marshal GEORGE BLACK CB OBE AFC*, Flight Lieutenant IAN BLACK, Air Vice Marshal PETER COLLINS,
Flight Lieutenant HEDLEY MOLLAND, Air Commodore JOHN MITCHELL CB OBE AFC*.


This TEN signature edition is additionally signed by:

Wing Commander JIMMY DELL OBE, Group Captain IAN THOMSON, Flight Lieutenant PAUL FIELD,
Flight Lieutenant ALAN PAGE, Flight Lieutenant IAIN SMALL.

Image size 25 x 32

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